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[microprofile-wg] [MPWG Trademark Call] August 9th Discussion - Update

Video to be available under the MP Marketing Playlist soon.  Thank you, John!

August 9th

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Calendar shareable link: 

MicroProfilers: [add yourself to the minutes & help with the write-up]

  • Amelia Eiras (Tomitribe)

  • Emily Jiang (IBM)

  • Ed Bratt (Oracle)

  • Ryan St. James (Tomitribe)

  • John Clingan (Red Hat)

Discussion (See below for Agenda) -- Notes by Ed Bratt (and other attendees)

Reviewed the logo PDF. All up to date. Ryan will put old versions in the Archive folder.

Vote will be initiated this week. Some discussion about how to initiate the vote. Believe we have everything lined up.

Discussed Survey tool -- requirements and options. In issue 556, recommendation is to use low-priced non-free plan to run the survey -- allows us to use ranked choice vote. Will add Survey Monkey to the google Doc (currently here, but will be moved to public repository)

Steering committee please accept having a single platform logo and is the committee willing to accept the winning choice from the community vote. Recommend this posed as a question with background and resolution to adopt the community selected logo. Resolution text.

We do not believe there would be any ™ issues with any of the logos that are going to be put up for vote.

Scalable issues are included in the generated logos. If these are found, that will not invalidate the community selection.

Discussed how to account the expense necessary to use Survey Monkey “Advantage” plan. We believe this should be an ongoing expense item. ADVANTAGE account 44.50 USD a month.

Discussed who will be allowed to vote. All votes will count equally. Will take extra care to notify committer members via direct email.

Discussion about open poll or limited by e-mail (or some other identifier)

Two actions this week -- Kevin to ask about pricing from ™ team for a single or multiple logos. John to compose the resolution and background text for the steering committee.

Steering Committee community voting resolution text:

RESOLVED, the MicroProfile Steering Committee approves that the outcome of the MicroProfile Platform Trademark Logo community voting [1] will be a binding vote.

[1] SurveyMonkey vote text [link]; includes logo options

The meeting ended at 11:09 AM PDT.


Compatibility Program:  Design Logo Voting Logistics

Voting PDF Options with git issue MPWG 85 - finalized. 

From August 3rd Community discussion, it was decided that the MPWG Steering Cmtee will be required to vote on either choosing 1 logo now (if chosen, Logo voting starts after the vote is completed - eta August + 16th)  or working towards a broader logo resolution (voting postponed). The steering cmtee vote starts early next week.  

WIP Issues with logistics:


Using the git ticket, please provide your feedback ahead of Monday’s discussion. 

  • [Amelia]  Process on Trackers need to be established under the MPWG.  Git Issue & google draft (within issue)  welcomes feedback before converted to wiki via actions.

Suggested Mode recommended while collaborating on the shaping of Trackers.

Background on discussions and resolutions

From June 28 MPWG compatibility logo voting discussion the following decisions:

  1. We wish for the MP community forum to be the ones to vote. 

  2. Either a voter joins the general forum or is already a member

  3. This will be audited by MicroProfilers

    Survey Monkey will be used.

    --- END,

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