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Re: [microprofile-wg] CN4J Messaging presentation review - request by July 8th.

+1 (iJUG) *

I like the remaining slide showing additional (current) differences too!

*But I detected some differences on the implementations and membership slides to the projects web sides, which should updated:

Implementations (page 7):

The following implementations might added regarding:
Jakarta EE 9.1: ManageFish Server
Jakarta EE 9: BES Application Server

Some might get a logo update (if not allowed alternatives used already):
IBM WebSphere Liberty, Oracle WebLogic Server, Payara Server, WildFly

Members (page 8):

The following Members are missing: Enterprise: INFORS
Participant: BES
Guest: Apache, Istanbul JUG

Some might get logo updates (if not allowed alternatives used already):
payara, PRIMETON, Apusic, javeda, LJC, managecat, webtide

Does Pivotal renamed it's EF and Jakarta EE membership to VMware already?

I added comments to the slides too, the last one has been mentioned by Tanja first.
I think, the members itself could make the decision to update at best regarding this (especially regarding logo updates), but we should take care that we do not miss something or somebody...

If updates being made, this version should show July instead of June (first and last slide) and the version in the template should reflect true version (V2021-01 is intended to be the version?).


Am 01.07.21 um 20:30 schrieb John Clingan:
A Jakarta EE / MicroProfile  messaging presentation has been created. This thread is requesting a presentation review by the working group and the community before the MicroProfile Working Group votes on finalizing the presentation. I prefer comments are made here instead of directly in the presentation, but comments are enabled on the presentation for comments that need the context.

The Jakarta EE Working Group will conduct a similar vote. Once both working groups vote, the presentation will be finalized.

FYI, the most recent CN4J Alliance meeting recording is here.

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