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[microprofile-wg] An update to the Eclipse Foundation Specification Process

Greetings MicroProfile Steering Committee.

I've started work on a new revision of the EFSP.

My primary interest is to focus the EFSP itself more on the intellectual property flows and less on prescribing the specific nature of specifications themselves. As we apply the process to other domains, we're finding that much of our earlier understanding just doesn't apply generally.

Note that rolling out a new version of the EFSP does not automatically impose anything on working groups already engaged in a specification process. Following the approval of a new version of the EFSP, the committee will have an opportunity to adopt the new process and integrate it into their own.

I'm tracking the effort in a GitHub board. A diff of the work-in-progress is here.

I invite all members of the committee to add their comments on the open issues and create new issues if there are specific things that you believe need to be addressed. Pull requests are welcome.

I'm assembling a committee with representatives from each of the working groups engaged in specification development to produce this update. My intent is to set up a one hour meeting as soon as I have representatives from each working group to go over what I've done with the draft so far. 

I need a volunteer to represent the interests of the MicroProfile steering committee. Can you please identify a representative from your committee to assist with this work?



Wayne Beaton

Director of Open Source Projects | Eclipse Foundation

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