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Re: [microprofile-wg] MicroProfile Budget Finalization

(ajug) We accept the budget and presentation edits as presented

On Tue, Jun 15, 2021, 4:27 PM Tetiana Fydorenchyk <tf@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hello MicroProfilers,

The earlier discussed budget has been updated based on the feedback provided on the Steering Committee Budget call. Thus we deleted the expenses for paid advertisement and distributed the released sum among the rest of marketing needs.

The finalized version of the budget can be reviewed here 

Basically, we have $36,000 for ongoing marketing spends and this sum was divided among Swags, Infrastructure and Contingency. The rest goes for Compatibility Program and EMO organizational expenses.


  • We need every member to check this document and leave comments or respond to this email if there are any unclear points or if you consider that something should be changed. 

  • During the next week's Community Call, we’ll have a final discussion on this before sending the approved version to the Eclipse Foundation team, so please be prepared before the call or even better send your feedback earlier.

In addition to the general budget allocation, we need to decide on the messaging that should be changed within the presentation provided by Eclipse Foundation. During the call there were raised several concerns connected with management responsibilities and obligations.

Here are some points that can be offered to be tuned (I’ve tried to find a happy medium): 

  • Slide #5: Roles and Responsibilities of EMO
    “Manages all contracting, disbursements and vendor relationships”
    change to →
    “Manages the payments submitted by MicroProfile community connected with contracting, disbursements and vendor relationships”

  • Slide #5
    “Delivering or managing the delivery of all work products such as website content, marketing collateral, legal documents, etc.”
    change to →
    “Oversees that there are no issues with the delivery of all work products such as website content, marketing collateral, etc. that are performed by MicroProfile community members”

  • Slide # 12: Compatibility Program - $40,000
    “Expenditure to be adjusted accordingly to reflect community involvement”
    change to →
    “Expenditure to be adjusted to take into account a part of work covered by the MicroProfile community. EMO will provide a report on the completed tasks and their price before allocating the released money on other marketing activities.”

Any objections or suggestions?

So to sum up, here are the actions required:

Hope this thread will help to push a budget ballot forward to the final point.

Best regards,



Tetiana Fydorenchyk
VP of Marketing @ Jelastic
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