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Re: [microprofile-wg] [ 6/14 Marketing - MPWG Focus Discussion] with Paul - EMO

Paul and all, 

Following up from yesterday's discussion, I have added the relevant git issues to the spreadsheet. I have also added a few comments & suggestions. 

On Mon, Jun 14, 2021 at 12:42 PM Amelia Eiras <aeiras@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Monday MicroProfilers, 

Today, Paul nicely presented the MicroProfile Trademark & Compatibility Program Components tracking spreadsheet, "tracking sheet"  The spreadsheet content, MicroProfilers & EMO Q&A + it is live adjustments, via the recorded discussion, used the full 1-hour. 

The spreadsheet maintenance and improvements are the responsibility of the Steering committee & the EMO. The document is housed under the MPWG - External Drive > folder Branding and Compatibility Program.  The tracking sheet will be updated as listed in the respected git issues. 

Spreadsheet Consumption and Collaboration - Recommendation: Future adjustments, not stated as follow-ups on today's call, need to be completed via "suggested edit" or "comments" to enable Paul to understand the why of changes & protect the integrity of the source.  

If anything is missing from this written update, please interject. Thank you!

Agenda copy/pasted below,  

June 14th -- MPWG Compatibility Program

Calendar shareable link: 

Tweeted Photo <> Video 

MicroProfilers: [add yourself to the minutes & help with the write-up]

  • Amelia Eiras (Tomitribe) - Lead

  • Paul Buck (EF-EMO) - invited, presenter

  • Ryan St James (Tomitribe)

  • Jan Westerkamp (iJUG)

  • Emily Jiang (IBM)

  • Neha Sardana (Garden State JUG)

  • Cesar (Tomitribe)

  • Ed (Oracle)

  • Manish (community)

  • Tetiana (Jelastic)

  • Ruslan (Jelastic)

Compatibility Program

  • [Paul- EF EMO] presents how the MP community works with the EF trademark team to get things accomplished.

    • Paul presented for the full hour the content in the spreadsheet  MicroProfile Trademark & Compatibility Program Components

    • The EMO will use the MPWG forum to communicate with the MPWG on tasks they depend on and require feedback from the MPWG

    • MPWG will continue to use Git Issues under the WG repo for Compatibility matters

    • MPWG will continue to use the mpwg forum to communicate with the EMO on the tasks required for a MPcompatibility project. 

The Compatibility spreadsheet Q&A used the full hour.

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