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Re: [microprofile-wg] Budget presentation updates

Hi David;

Apologies for the delay of response.  It's a very busy time.

While I can appreciate your ask, the first refers more to operational implementation details rather than the budget line items. As discussed last Tuesday during the Steering Committee meeting, the general intent is to continue to enable the community to operate as it has. There are, however, real issues around, for example, supplier management, that need to get sorted out going forward. 

As noted on the call, no member appeared to have an issue with the overall draft budget.  We would like to see the budget approved, to enable us all to switch to working out any particular operational issues afterwards.

Regarding one time spends vs ongoing spends, typical expenditures of ongoing spends involves the following:

  • Trademark costs (enforcement/monitoring - reduced)

  • Management of Trademark Compatibility Program

  • General and Administration (2022)

  • Governance and Operations Support

This level of detail isn’t something we identify in the annual budget, the objective is get the budget approved, get to work on implementing the initiatives supported by the budget and work through any operational implementation challenges that may exist.  


On Thu, Jun 10, 2021 at 4:05 PM David Blevins <dblevins@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Sharon,

A few followups from the Tuesday call on the budget presentation.

There was a request for items that are ongoing costs to be somehow annotated.  Can that be done before the vote next week?

Also based on discussion Tuesday we discussed the community intends to continue maintaining the website, content, social media and marketing collateral.  Is there some way we can document that understanding to balance out the statement on page 5 this is delivered by the EMO?

On vendor relationships, we discussed Tuesday we do have existing vendor relationships we would like considered.  Can we document that in the presentation to balance out the statement on page 5 the EMO manages vendor relationships?

Of course the EMO does manage vendors and must in some way oversee website/marketing, but it would be of great comfort to have the WG's role in those activities documented.  Perhaps both of these can be done with a simple slide like "Roles and Responsibilities" but for the WG?  It could go after page 5 have the following text:

Roles and Responsibilities

  MicroProfile Working Group (MPWG)

  - Delivering website content, marketing collateral and social media
  - Request for EMO approval vendors or disbursements

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