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Re: [microprofile-wg] [Collaborative Budget Document] Needed

Hi Amelia;

We will not be providing the presentation in any other format.  And there is no requirement for anyone to convert it into any other format.  The only input required on the budget by the Steering Committee is the Marketing spend items (Page 10 of Presentation) which we understand there was a desire to revisit and for which the working group has its own Google Sheet. Should anyone have any lingering questions or comments, they should be sent to the Steering Committee Mailing List.  

Also, please note the matter of the 2020 revenue is closed. The number provided in March remains unchanged.

As soon as we receive the revised information on the Marketing line items, the Eclipse Foundation will update the budget accordingly for the Steering Committee Electronic Vote next week.

Best Regards,


On Wed, Jun 9, 2021 at 5:59 PM Amelia Eiras <aeiras@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Can you please add the ppt version of the 6/8 presented budget in the MP Community pubic folder

A few members cannot comment in the PDF document without a full download of the draft. It is not efficient to provide a PDF version for review. Can we make sure that future documents are provided in collaborative form?
Others members are converting the document to word but that doesn't work. You will see it within the space. 
Others are using the spreadsheet to add comments, which is great. However, we need the document you presented yesterday to mirror the current discussions.

This is a most urgent request given that we do want to have a ready budget for a vote by next Tuesday.

 Thank you for your assistance, 

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