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[microprofile-wg] [MPWG Compatibility Status] Branding & Compatibility via Git Issues

There are 12 tickets in the works currently being tackled 100% by the MicroProfle community. 💛
We understand that our collaboration with the EMO Team is necessary. 
This message introduces per git issues Branding and Compatibility moving targets via different email threads. 

Today, during the Community call, it was rightly called out that those working on multiple aspects of the Trademark's activities should start using this MPWG forum to provide written updates on all Branding & Compatibility progress. 
Moving forward, everyone subscribed & future archives will show proactive updates on the diverse activities.  

Tracing on Agreement: during the 2020 & 2021 MP community discussions, while forming the MP working group with Q&A between the EMO and the MP community, MicroProfilers stated their interest and wish to continue to be the ones to shape and work in the compatibility and trademark tasks required (not legal) without the need to buy EF Services. This was OK by Paul, EMO, via a written thread on the Community Forum. 

Draft compatibility Budget:
About the Trademark costs budgeted by the EMO,  2021 not approved budget, there are: 
  • $40,000 currently budgeted to create stuff.  MicroProfilers are completing many tasks. Emails to follow to show status.
  • $10,000 currently budgeted to manage trademark work, yet MicroProfilers are choosing to move forward independently without  management (the $10K is a fee allocated for Trademark onboarding work applicable to 1st year of the WG)
  • $13,500 currently budgeted for legal matters. (not negotiable, which is understood) 
$50K is at play. Current progress aims to divert as much of that money towards other MP community activities listed in the 2021 Program Plan that we wish to embark on to benefit our community. 

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