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[microprofile-wg] Live Hangout / Steering Committee Meeting April 27th

Our normal Live Hangout / Community Meeting is scheduled this upcoming Tuesday during the normal time slot. The first half of the call will be a steering committee meeting (agenda). The second half of the meeting, the Live Hangout, will cover program plan status. Program Plan category leads, please be ready to give a brief update if there is one.  Any remaining time after the status update will be used to cover MicroProfile certification (technical call minutesongoing discussion).

One recent discussion resulted in the recognition that MicroProfile does not yet have a patent license model. In the steering committee portion April 27th Steering Committee meeting, Paul Buck will be presenting on patent model options, and then discuss how to move forward. Historically we would conduct this type of meeting in the off-weeks, but the off-weeks are now the Technical Meetings. Paul will send out the presentation after the call.

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