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Re: [microprofile-wg] MicroProfile Working Group Steering Committee - Google Drive Community Folder


Formidable timing, thank you. 

Yes, I have seen the adjustments to the Steering Committee document, and it looks good. GDPR compliance matters. Removing emails works great. 
  1. On that document, can you please add a  2nd column where the sheet also helps track when/if an ORG chooses to assign/use the 1 Committer -seat, please? 
  2. Will you move it back into the Community folder? or should MP consider creating a space (Repo wiki list) of its Steering members by years? 
Related wondering about external drive usage
On Today's call, there was very little time to discuss the external drive. Yet, we did insert. 
Every member will do the final review of what has been done.  We discussed the need to add a folder under "private-mode" to allow for the EF team to drop its invoices on costs to the MPWG.  Such documents, we expect to be kept private in the drive. 
MPWG's budget is going to be 100 %. Its transparency $$$ to the cent directly via its excel sheet, itemized by items. It is unnecessary to provide the internal invoices as proof when the entire committee has access to such documents & can attest to the precision of listing costs in the yearly sheet. 

With this, can we expect EF invoices to be delivered to the drive? 

-- On Friday, the MPWG Onboarding Members Wiki was delivered to the community. 
It misses the connection about services received, say Legal, infrastructure, trademark, etc., that will require the EF to provide documentation to the WG. 
I wrote the 1st draft of the wiki, and now, the community can fill it out and make the document better via PRs. From the write, I discovered further need to have 1 private folder in the drive from "invoices." It was nice that today during the call, some else mentioned that folder and its need. 

Extra thankful for your follow up, 

On Tue, Jan 19, 2021 at 1:18 PM Sharon Corbett <sharon.corbett@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Dear Steering Committee:

A Steering Committee may decide what documents they will share publicly, and can certainly make the Community Folder be the method of choice.  The governance model allows for the Steering Committee to have documents they choose not to share.  While the MicroProfile Working Group Charter calls to limit this, there may be reasons to have a small subset of documents that are retained for the Steering Committee only.  One reason would be for GDPR compliance, should such documents contain personally identifiable information.

FYI, to avoid GDPR issues, I have modified the MicroProfile Committee Representatives sheet to remove email addresses, etc.

Thanks for your continued support and cooperation.

Best Regards,
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