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Re: [microprofile-wg] [MPWG_SCR Approval of the Steering Minutes] Request Vote for October 20th, 2020



Vincent Mayers
Atlanta Java Users Group, Inc.

On Tue, Nov 3, 2020 at 4:58 PM Amelia Eiras <aeiras@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hola MicroProfile Steering Committee Representatives, MPWG_SCR,

Thank you, Sharon, for kindly joining today's MP 4.0 Release discussion to remind MicroProfilers that t
he first steering minutes' status is still under "draft version," which violates 1 of the foundation WG project's processes. 

The MPWG vote (AJUG, Jelastic, Red Hat, IBM & Tomitribe) is requested ASAP (we have passed the 2 weeks window-mark) to approve the October 20th, 2020 draft minutes 

The MicroProfile Community input is always welcomed. However, only the votes delivered by the assigned representatives or their Proxy [1 vote per member +1 (positive), 0 (abstain), or -1 (reject)] will be counted.

Thank you for promptly submitting your vote! 

--- draft documentation
Approval Minutes Process to be added to the MPWG repo once reviewed: 

The MPWG_SC will approve the "draft minutes" via:
  1. Email: microprofile-wg@xxxxxxxxxxx
  2. Email Subject: [MPWG_SCR Approval of the Steering Minutes] Request Vote for [month/day/year] 
  3. Vote timeline:  votes must be finalized no later than two (2) weeks after the steering call took place
  4. Minutes Publication: the PDF minutes will be copied, attached, and sent [by the MPWG volunteer facilitator (s)] to  microprofile-wg@xxxxxxxxxxx which completes 1 of the WG's compliance processes.
  • WIP nice to have - the minute's PDF &/or link will be imported to the new MPWG page on the MP website
Suggested email draft-template:

MicroProfile Steering Committee Representatives, 

The vote (List of Members) is requested to approve the (month/day/year) (draft minutes link). 

The MicroProfile Community input is welcomed. However, only the votes cast by the assigned representatives or their proxies [1 vote per member +1 (positive), 0 (abstain), or -1 (reject)] will be counted.

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