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[microprofile-wg] [MPWG Steering]Tomitribe Primary/Alternate

In preparation for next week's Steering call:

David Blevins - Primary
Amelia Eiras - Alternate

In point with today's healthy MicroProfile Community recorded discussion about assigning 1 or more Alternates to the Steering committee, Tomitribe will use, when needed, the Eclipse Foundation Bylaws' usage of a Vote by a Proxy.

I recommend every MPWG Member to keep in mind the Proxy wonderful EF feature that allows us the flexibility to appoint a Proxy when necessary. :) 

For reference, please check the EF Bylaws' 2 sections below:
  • 6.10 Adjourn Meetings, pg. 15
  • 6.11 Quorum, pg. 16

PS: this msg reaches the MP general forum given that it is a direct follow-up from today's discussion that applies to the future. :) 

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