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Re: [] MDT Products in Bugzilla

Maybe, but this convention is well-established with other projects...


On Tue, Mar 13, 2012 at 2:45 PM, Ed Willink <ed@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

+1 for OCL

But I'm not sure that this doesn't just move the problem from confusing component names to confusing product names.

I never know where MWE2 or Xtend belong so have to search; MWE has distinct EMF and EMFT identities.

Why not drop the sub-project (EMFT., MDT., ... ) altogether?

Users know they have a UML bug to report. This is easily found in a list of 50 projects as UML2 but much harder as MDT.UML2.



On 13/03/2012 18:36, Kenn Hussey wrote:

New products have been created in Bugzilla for UML2 and Papyrus (MDT.UML2 and MDT.Papyrus, respectively) and all bugs have been updated accordingly. I'd like all MDT subprojects to switch to this convention (which, among other benefits, allows greater control over milestones and versions and creation of meaningful components) as soon as possible.

Project leads for BPMN2, OCL, Sphinx, UML2Tools, and XSD please let me know when you would be willing to make such a transition for your bugs and I'll help coordinate the work with the Webmaster.



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