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Re: [] Fwd: [Bug 347239] New: many Indigo bundles missing legal files in RC2 repo


Thanks for pointing this out...

Concerning OCL, It looks like auto-generated source bundles are the offending bundles. In principle, just fixing would suffice... Facing on this.


El 26/05/2011 14:30, Kenn Hussey escribió:

Please double check that the necessary legal files are provided/included for the content you are releasing with Indigo. Looking at the attachment to the bug below, I see that's not currently the case for OCL, MoDisco, and Papyrus. Note that this is an important release requirement.



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Date: Wed, May 25, 2011 at 9:36 PM
Subject: [Bug 347239] New: many Indigo bundles missing legal files in RC2 repo
To: Kenn.Hussey@xxxxxxxxx
Product/Component: Community / Cross-Project

          Summary: many Indigo bundles missing legal files in RC2 repo
   Classification: Eclipse Foundation
          Product: Community
          Version: unspecified
         Platform: PC
       OS/Version: Linux
           Status: NEW
         Severity: normal
         Priority: P3
        Component: Cross-Project
       AssignedTo: cross-project.inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx
       ReportedBy: david_williams@xxxxxxxxxx

I ran a "layout" test, and, according it it, about 10% of the bundles in the
Indigo RC2 repo are missing about.html files (or, epl/license files, in

These are often caused by incorrect "", or similar ... or, I'm
sure, in some cases, really missing.

That percentage seems "better" than last year ... but, still a lot to fix. I'll
attach complete list.

(And, remember ... it is possible the test is in error ... so if anyone finds
an error in the reported list, be sure to let me know).

Be sure to ask if questions or problems ... hopefully these can all be
corrected for RC3.

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