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[] Re: [] Confusing Update Sites

Hi Adolfo

Modisco certainly has its own site.
Papyrus does not list a site.
The communal mdt update site is just UML2, UML2-Tools and old OCL.

It seems that with MDT becoming many rather than just three projects a communal update site was not tenable.

However since UML2 has no separate update site and both UML2 and OCL are 'core' components, I think OCL should revert to the communal site, then users will find the communal site, find good content, and quite possibly never even find the other site, particularly if we stop advertising it.

Once you've figured out how the mdt/ocl update site is maintained by the new releng, perhaps you can revert to the mdt site and perhaps manually add all the missing 3.x entries and update the project meta-data.



On 05/08/2010 09:43, Adolfo Sánchez-Barbudo Herrera wrote:

While working on releng, I realised that just OCL has its own update site. The point is that no other MDT component has one, so I'm not sure if it's a problem of the MDT/OCL component, otherwise it's a problem of the other components. Do you have any information/newsgroup link about "The migration of components to use their own update site" ?

P.S: Releng progress: I committed some releng stuff last friday, but unfortunately it's not still working ;P. I'll retake the task during today, let's see if we get a functional bucky build at the end of the day.


El 04/08/2010 19:24, Ed Willink escribió:

The migration of components to use their own update sites creates confusion for users.

MDT/OCL may be found on

Is there anything we can do to make the old release on mdt/updates more obviously inappropriate?


        Ed Willink

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