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[] MDT/OCL Xtext Editor Examples Ramp Down

Hi Kenn

I've just been checking the Modeling Ramp Down policy. It's unclear about changes to Examples.

The MDT/OCL Xtext editors, which are all org.eclipse.ocl.examples.xtext.* were a very late development inspired by EclipseCon and IMP Helios participation. The editors went in at M7, are useful, and steadily improving. RC1 was better. I have fixed many issues this week, so that I expect to be ready to commit updates with 0 JUnit errors tomorrow (until I write more tests).

As Examples, they are not part of the Helios EPP, so might be excluded from the ramp down policy. As part of the MDT/OCL All-In-One Update Site, they perhaps are subject to full post RC1 rigour.

Do you want to more or less freeze the Example Editors now?

Do you want to review significant fixes tomorrow and on Sunday and on ...?

Are you happy to treat Examples like Documentation allowing freedom up until RC3?


        Ed Willink

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