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This would be beneficial to attend.




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Event Date: January 12, 2010 5:00 pm GMT-8

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Wayne Beaton (Eclipse Foundation)

The Eclipse Development Process (EDP) is a process that exists to help you and your project be successful. We start with a discussion of the principles that underlie the EDP and why they are important to you as a committer. We then discuss the various processes that are in place to ensure that principles are maintained. More specifically, this talk discusses how the EDP will help you reach out to your community of users and adopters. It includes heavy discussion of community development, openness, transparency, IP cleanliness and more.

Total running time will be approximately 1 hour

9:00 am PST / 12:00 pm EST / 5:00 pm GMT - Convert to other time zones

Thanks to Adobe for contributing their Adobe Acrobat Connect product to host this webinar.

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