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RE: [] Re: Checkpoint

Hi kenn,

I suppose PMF is part of MDT. So I need to update PMF plan ?

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Thanks, Ed. You'll find that, with the help of some Eclipse tooling,
the copy/paste exercise will take much less time than you think. ;)



On 9/29/09, Ed Merks <ed.merks@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Kenn,
> I expect only bug fixes for the next XSD release, i.e., effectively an
> empty plan is a good reflection of what's planned.    There seems to be
> a fair but of menial copying, pasting, incrementing, and renaming
> required to update the old empty plan to be a new empty plan...  I'll
> try to get to that as time permits...
> Kenn Hussey wrote:
>> Team,
>> With our project plans due in two days (on September 30), it's good to
>> see some progress being made by some of the MDT components. The
>> rolled-up plan now has nine themes - see
>> At this point, I've heard from all components participating in Helios
>> except for UML2 Tools and XSD. Michael and Ed, please confirm your
>> commitment to a) participating in the Helios release and b) having
>> your plan in place by Wednesday.
>> Thanks,
>> Kenn
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