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[] MDT Plan


I've put together a rolled-up plan for MDT as a whole, based on the expected format; it is available at At this point, items from only BPMN2, MST, and UML2 are showing up. I've put placeholders for the other subprojects (OCL, Papyrus, UML2 Tools, and XSD) under the 'TBD' theme for now, until their themes and plan items are in place (hint hint).

Here are some suggestions/reminders that you might find useful while putting together your plans:

- The 'helios' flag must be assigned to bugs that you want to appear in your plan; I sent an email about this to the committers' mailing list a few days ago. The 'plan' keyword must also be used.

- The whiteboard field is where you put your theme; ideally we would coordinate between subprojects so that we use similar themes. See the rolled-up plan for themes that are already in use.

- I would suggest naming your plan file 'plan_helios.xml' so that when next year's plan is added, the old (current) plan will still reference the right document.

- Please use a target milestone of 'Helios' instead of a specific version number for items that are targeted for this release. This will help minimize the number of version numbers in the MDT Bugzilla product.



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