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[] Re: [emft-dev] [modeling-dev] re: Athena builds that depend on 3rd party plugins (eg., from Orbit or Mozilla)

Cool! I wasn't even aware you could do the first part.. :)

On Sep 1, 2009, at 5:21 PM, Nick Boldt wrote:

I just added a new feature to Athena tonight [1] which you might like.

In the past you could only use "featureIDsToInstall" to grab features from a p2 repo update site; now you can now install individual plugins (eg., off an Orbit site!) too using "pluginIDsToInstall" [2].

So, when configuring your build's dependencies, you can now do this:

dependencyURLs= ,<> repositoryURLs= ,<> featureIDsToInstall=org.eclipse.gef+org.eclipse.emf +<> pluginIDsToInstall=org.apache.xml.resolver+javax.xml +org.apache.xml.serializer+org.apache.xerces+org.apache.xalan +<>


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Release Engineer :: Eclipse Modeling & Dash Athena
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