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[] HA: [modeling-pmc] Modeling Galileo SR1 RC1 builds

Hi all,

MDT OCL has no changes in the Galileo maintenance branch - so no need for RC1 there now.

- Alex.
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Отправлено: 12 августа 2009 г. 20:22
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Тема: [modeling-pmc] Modeling Galileo SR1 RC1 builds

Hi Team,

Hopefully we all are following along the cross-project-issues mailing list and know that we are supposed to declare our RC1 build this week working towards our fall SR1 for Galileo.

See and .

The platform has released their 3.5.1RC1 build and labelled as such (eclipse-SDK-3.5.1RC1*).

I am wondering if everyone else in the modeling stack would like to do / is going to do the same?

I just have a GEF-SDK-Mxxx build, but can release a GEF-SDK-3.5.1RC1 if everyone in modeling will do the same (working towards all nine dependencies for GMF as an example).

Anthony Hunter mailto:anthonyh@xxxxxxxxxx
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