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[] Re: Backwards compatibility for MDT OCL

My codeslave address stopped working when I left IBM. Gmail will
continue to work, or you can reach me via the contact info here:

Building from branch for a .0 should be just as easy as doing maintenance.

Why are you doing 3.0.0 rather than 2.0.0?

Also, would you be interested in moving from the Modeling build to the
new Athena system? It's more efficient and allows you to profile your
builds (warnings, errors, tests) with Hudson.


On 7/22/09, Alexander Igdalov <Alexander.Igdalov@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Forwarding to Nick's gmail address since
> codeslave@xxxxxxxxxx<mailto:codeslave@xxxxxxxxxx> seems not to exist
> anymore.
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> From:
> [] On Behalf Of Alexander Igdalov
> Sent: Wednesday, July 22, 2009 1:18 PM
> To: Kenn Hussey; Nick Boldt
> Cc: MDT OCL mailing list
> Subject: [] Backwards compatibility for MDT OCL
> Hi Kenn and Nick,
> The MDT OCL team has decided to implement the new OCL standard (2.2) and
> also to support backwards compatibility with the current implementation of
> the OCL 2.0 standard. Since the new and the old OCL standards are not
> compatible we have decided to create two initially similar sets of
> plugins/features - MDT OCL 1.4.0 (for backwards compatibility in Helios+
> releases) and MDT OCL 3.0.0 (the new implementation of OCL 2.2). We think it
> would be convenient to make a CVS branch for 1.4.0, and thus, to build 3.0.0
> artefacts from HEAD and release 1.4.0 artefacts from the branch.
> Plugins for 1.4.0 and 3.0.0 are to be independent and must successfully
> co-exist in Helios. Ideally, 1.4.0 and 3.0.0 plugins should be in different
> components - so that the users have the option not only to install both
> implementations but also to install only one of them.
> Kenn, is it ok for MDT OCL to split into two components?
> Nick, do you forsee any difficulties in releng (releasing 3.0.0 from HEAD
> and 1.4.0 from branch)?
> Thanks,
> Alex.

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