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HA: [] Galileo Projects

Seems, I found what I should do: there are several properties to be set, e.g. project name, etc.
От: [] от имени Alexander Igdalov
Отправлено: 26 июня 2009 г. 14:41
Кому: MDT developers
Тема: HA: [] Galileo Projects

Hi Kenn,

I've set the value for the simultaneousrelease property (1 for both galileo and ganymede) but I don't see OCL on the list at and Perhaps, I need to do something more? I've also set the 'release' property but it didn't help either...

- Alex.
От: [] от имени Kenn Hussey [kenn.hussey@xxxxxxxxx]
Отправлено: 26 июня 2009 г. 0:28
Кому: MDT developers
Тема: [] Galileo Projects


There has been some discussion today about the list of projects that appears at Several projects (including ours) were initially not being included on the list because their project metadata was not up to date. I have since made the necessary changes to the MDT metadata.

However, after consulting with Wayne at the Foundation, I've learned that the Portal should now support project metadata for the individual MDT components that released in Galileo. Component leads, if you want your component explicitly listed on the page, please set the value for the simultaneousrelease property (choose 1 for galileo) in the Portal metadata for your component. If/when all component leads do so, I'll remove the entry for the container MDT project so that it is not listed redundantly on the page.



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