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Re: HA: [] Fwd: [cross-project-issues-dev] Galileo review preparation

MDT OCL has a number of committed/proposed items (see below) from the plan which need to be updated (deferred) - this may impact the statistics listed on slide 11. Ideally we would mention the number of committed vs. deferred items for this release.
  • Overhaul the OCL Example [259922] (target milestone: M5)
  • Adding a parsing option to exclude non-standard operations from OCL Standard Library [228839] (target milestone: 1.3.0)
  • Adding the edit and editor plugin to have OCL models editable in the EMF's Sample Ecore Editor [196973] (target milestone: 1.3.0)
  • Reorganize features to better reflect dependencies [192506] (target milestone: 1.3.0)
Note also that slide 14 appears to be missing RC2.

2009/5/28 Alexander Igdalov <Alexander.Igdalov@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Hi Kenn,

Please find the OCL slides attached.

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Кому: MDT developers
Тема: [] Fwd: [cross-project-issues-dev] Galileo review preparation


Please don't forget to prepare and submit your docuware by this Friday - see below for a reminder from the Foundation. As I've mentioned in emails recently, it would be ideal if you could distribute them among the team before review before submitting them.

Also, note that the deadline for submitting your IP log is coming soon (next week). Anne also mentions this in her email below...



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From: Anne Jacko <emo@xxxxxxxxxxx<mailto:emo@xxxxxxxxxxx>>
Date: Tue, May 26, 2009 at 4:41 PM
Subject: [cross-project-issues-dev] Galileo review preparation
To: "" <<>>, cross-project-issues-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx<mailto:cross-project-issues-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Hello Galileo participants,

Thanks for your continuing work and attention in getting ready for this release! We are approaching our June 10 review date, and this note is to remind you of some deadlines that are fast approaching.

As always, you don't need to wait until the final deadline to submit! Earlier is better, and this especially applies to projects using the IP Log Tool (see below for more on this).

Review Slides

 *   Deadline for submitting to EMO is Friday, May 29 (submit via email to emo@xxxxxxxxxxx<mailto:emo@xxxxxxxxxxx>)
 *   Please submit two pdfs for your review docuware
   *   the "full deck" of slides for your project, making sure to include the information listed here: [1] <>
   *   a "mini deck" -- two to four slides summarizing your Galileo release; here's an example of one from Ganymede:  [2]<>

IP Log

 *   Deadline for submitting to the IP Team (emo-ip-team@xxxxxxxxxxx<mailto:emo-ip-team@xxxxxxxxxxx>) is Wednesday, June 3
 *   Projects are encouraged to use the IP Log Tool [3]<>. If you are not familiar with the tool, we suggest that you try it out, look at the output, and use the documentation to correct any issues before submitting the final log. If you ask EMO for help with the tool before Friday, May 29, we will do our best to assist you.

Thanks again, and please let us know is you have questions or need help (via email to emo@xxxxxxxxxxx<mailto:emo@xxxxxxxxxxx>).

Anne Jacko


Below is Wayne's original post about the Galileo review, for your reference:


Hey folks. Here are the dates for Galileo:

*May 29*: Deadline for IP team to review all Galileo CQs

 * The IP Team has committed to completing the reviews of all CQs for
  Galileo by May 29th.
 * Please respond as quickly as possible to questions from the IP
  Team concerning your CQs to ensure timely processing.

*May 29*: Deadline for submitting review docuware

 * We understand that the results from the IP reviews may change the
  contents of your docuware. If you need an extension, please let
  emo@xxxxxxxxxxx<mailto:emo@xxxxxxxxxxx> know.
 * If you can complete and submit your docuware ahead of the
  deadline, please do so. This will give the EMO time to review it.
 * If you need help assembling your review docuware, please contact
  your PMC or emo@xxxxxxxxxxx<mailto:emo@xxxxxxxxxxx>.
 * Projects are encouraged to make sure that their project metadata
  is up-to-date in the portal [1].

*June 3*: Deadline for submitting IP Log

 * In order to provide projects with time required to put the
  finishing touches on their IP logs, we've set the deadline for the
  IP Logs to be three business days after the CQ deadline, and one
  week before the release review date.
 * Again, we ask that those project that are able to submit their IP
  Logs in advance of the deadline to please do so.
 * Please ensure that your project's IP Log is properly recorded in
  the portal [1].
 * Any projects that wish to use the Automated IP Log Tool [2] are
  encouraged to do so. If you want/need assistance with the tool,
  please contact emo@xxxxxxxxxxx<mailto:emo@xxxxxxxxxxx>.

*June 10*: Review date

 * Standard practice is to hold a review call only when requested.
  Regardless of this, we're going to hold the review call anyway.
  Please plan to attend. Anne will send out the details.
 * The review call will be for Q&A only. Everybody please review the
  slides in advance of the call and come prepared with your questions.


Every project/component needs to send in a separate slide deck (if you have a separate ".build" file in the / project [3], then your project is considered to be a separate project/component). We also ask that you provide an additional "mini-deck" of three to four slides with an overview of your project. We will combine the mini-decks into an overview section of the Ganymede Release slide deck. We will archive the "normal" slide deck you send as your project-specific Ganymede release docuware, as well as include it in the Ganymede Release slide deck that is used for the review call.

The due date for the slide decks is Friday, May 29. You are welcome and encouraged to send them in earlier! Please include both the source file (such as PPT, or ODP) and a PDF version of the slides.




Anne Jacko

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