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[] New Project Plan Format - Problem


I have drafted an OCL 1.3/2.0 plan in the new XML format mandated by Eclipse:

Unfortunately, as the components of MDT are not (yet) recognized by the Eclipse Foundation as projects, this plan document isn't particularly consumable: the XSLT simply shows a link to the project- plan PHP script. However, as MDT OCL isn't a project and doesn't have the meta-data required to drive the Foundation's common web interfaces, this just doesn't work.

I don't see, either, how the MDT project plan will aggregate the component plans into its XML plan document, unless perhaps it maps components to Themes. That doesn't seem right, though.

Any ideas out there? We are supposed to be publishing these plans, soon.



Christian W. Damus
Senior Software Developer, Zeligsoft Inc.
Component Lead, Eclipse MDT OCL and EMF-QTV
E-mail: cdamus@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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