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Re: [] Ganymede End of Days: RC5 week

Hi, Nick,

OCL RC4 is golden for me.  Likewise Query, Transaction, and Validation.

Good thing, too, because GMF RC5 is already out!  Wouldn't want them to do an M5a  :-)


On Fri, 2008-06-13 at 14:59 -0400, Nick Boldt wrote:

-------- Original Message --------

I'd like a show of hands from the various projects -- who need an RC5 
build next week, and who are fine with renaming their RC4 or RC4a builds?

The reason I ask is because next week is the LAST chance to get anything 
changed, and we need everything in place by EOD Wednesday so that the 
final EPP packages can be built.

***At this time, I'm going to assume that NO ONE will need an RC5 build, 
so disillusion me ASAP if that's not the case. Everyone downstream from 
you will need to be building with this updated build.***

Once the platform has declared what its final build will be called (and 
posted it on the Signoffs page [1], everyone can run the 
[2] script to copy their RC4(a)/RC5 build's bits and fix up any 
references to previously-named builds.


For those high up the stack (EMF, GEF, Net4j) this means that you'll run 
this script and fix up any references to the Eclipse driver used. For 
those lower down, you need to replace a lot more strings (EMF, UML2, 
OCL, GMF, etc.). If you don't like the automated old=new pair syntax, 
you can do this by hand. Just edit your R build's build.cfg file to fix 
up the references so that your build page will correctly list the R 
builds, not the RC builds. You *do* still have to run the script to 
rename all the zips and the md5 files, but the script manipulation can 
be done the hard way if you prefer. :)

Once everyone has their builds renamed, ***DO NOT PUBLISH*** them until 
we get the green light to do so on Monday June 24 [3].


Any questions, please don't hesitate. Let's have a smooth final RC week 
and an even smoother Release day!

Christian W. Damus
Senior Software Developer, Zeligsoft Inc.
Component Lead, Eclipse MDT OCL and EMF-QTV

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