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[] RE: [emf-dev] Re: [m2m-dev] What is a Mini-Deck? :: Action Required (re: Ganymede Release Review Slides)


I thought there would be a "mini deck" per sub-project; for sub-projects
like MDT, for example, it's necessary (there will be a set of slides for
each component, since the EMO is expecting a presentation per .sc file,
AFAIK). I'll do my best to forward the four MDT component decks (OCL,
UML2, UML2 Tools, and XSD) and one "mini deck" to the PMC in time for
Tuesday's meeting...


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Well, I already did the GMF slides.  How about the last project to
theirs can combine the rest into a single set for all of Modeling? ;)

I think a single set for Modeling would be best.  Last year we reviewed
at the PMC.  I suppose we can all send them to the PMC mailing list,
then we
can combine them easily enough.


On 5/16/08 11:59 AM, "Nick Boldt" <codeslave@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Guys:
> I spoke with Bjorn moments ago, and here's what we need to do to
> condense the Ganymede Release Review Slide Deck into a Mini-Deck:
> (2008-05-16 11:34:43) Nick: is there a document describing what needs
> be in a "mini-deck" vs. a "release review slide deck?"
> (2008-05-16 11:35:12) Bjorn: Mini-deck: one or two (or three slides)
> highlight how great your project is
> (2008-05-16 11:35:43) Bjorn: The idea is that with 30 projects, we'll
> make one "summary of the release" deck with 1 or 2 slides per project.
> Not "archive quality" but more advertisement.
> (2008-05-16 11:36:13) Nick: like, 3 bullets per slide, max 6-9 bullets
> for each of the Modeling projects?
> (2008-05-16 11:37:23) Bjorn: Format: look at the "one minute slides"
> from last year: 
> (2008-05-16 11:37:50) Nick: are we treating Modeling as one project or
> as 6 (EMF, EMFT, M2M, M2T, MDT, GMF) ?
> (2008-05-16 11:38:21) Bjorn: One or Many: for the mini deck it's your
> choice: for the big decks, they are separate projects.
> (2008-05-16 11:56:55) Nick: are these minideck slides to be attached
> the decks submitted on June 4? or should they be held separately?
> (2008-05-16 11:57:08) Bjorn: one file is fine, two files is also fine
> (2008-05-16 11:57:56) Nick: and if merged, would the minideck +
> "supporting slides / appendix" idea work, in that all the longer stuff
> would just be at the back in case people actually read that far?
> (2008-05-16 11:58:09) Bjorn: exactly
> ---------
> So we have the choice of either 1-2 (or three) slides for all of
> Modeling in Ganymede (6 projects combined) or one set of 1-2 slides
> each project in Modeling in Ganymede (2-12 slides total).
> Project Leads: which, um, *model*, do people prefer?
> N
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