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Guten Tag! Salut! Hola! W00t.

Want to encourage translations from the community for your project or component? Here's how to get started using Babel.

1. Nag your project lead or PMC* to set up reasonable versions in Bugzilla [1], if not already set. These need to be in the form 0.8 or 2.4.0 (not 0.7.x) in order to appear in the Babel map file tool [2].


2. Log in to Babel [2], and add your .releng project's map file(s).

For example, for JET 0.9.0, you'd enter For JET 0.8.2 (or any maintenance branch map files), see bug 220503.

Everything else you need to know is already posted on the Babel site.


Nick Boldt :: Release Engineer, IBM Toronto Lab
Eclipse Modeling ::

* If your PMC is Ed, skip a step and bug me instead. If you're in EMF, see bug 220479.

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