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[] Reminder: Europa Winter Maintenance is next week -- Final Orders, Please!

Just a reminder, Europa WM is just around the corner.

Europa  +0      +1      +2      EPP     Freeze  Europa
Winter  02/18   02/20   02/25   02/27   02/28   02/29

If you're one of the 7 builds that I now run, please let me know when you're done, your bits are released, and your mapfile is updated.

In the event of a deafening silence from the component leads, I will run the 7-build stack on the evening of Feb 19 (EMF, UML2, JET) and Feb 20 (OCL, MQ, MT, VF).

Should you want me to run earlier or later, let me know. If your component(s) have nothing to contribute to Europa WM, let me know that too, so I can remove it from the crontab.


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