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[] New IMM component in MDT

The Modeling PMC has approved creation of an IMM component as part of the MDT sub-project (see mailing list thread at Details on the new component can be found on Eclipsepedia at


The MDT sub-project will be accepting code contributions which involve the addition of new committers on MDT. Details on these committers are as follows:


Dave Carlson


Dave Carlson is an independent consultant specializing in model-driven design of XML Schemas and web service messages, with current emphasis on HL7 healthcare standards. Dave earned his Ph.D. in Information Systems from the University of Arizona and has over 25 years experience in software development and architecture. He is the author of two books by Addison-Wesley: "Modeling XML Applications with UML", and "Eclipse Distilled". Dave has been developing Eclipse plug-ins since the first week Eclipse was released in 2001, and for the past three years working with the EMF, UML2, and WebTools communities while creating and deploying development tools. Dave plans to contribute his work to Eclipse MDT projects, where applicable and aligned with project roadmaps. For more information, see


Nick Dowler


Nick Dowler has world-class expertise in MOF, XMI, CWM and other metamodel technologies and standards. He has an active technical leadership and development role in Adaptive’s commercial product implementation of its MOF-based repository which includes integrated implementation of various standard metamodels including CWM and UML (versions 1 and 2), and which incorporates support for the Eclipse XML Schema metamodel (forming part of IMM), leveraging its EMF implementation. Adaptive initiated and is active in the development of the IMM standard. Nick is a committer on the Eclipse MDDi project and active in the EU ModelWare and ModelPlex projects that contribute to it. He chairs OMG’s Revision Task Force for MOF2 Versioning.




Kenn Hussey
Program Manager, EA/Studio

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