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[] MDT Update



The MDT 1.1 development plan has been updated (see Component leads, please bear in mind that our fifth milestone build is approaching – the date for +1 components is February 11 and the date for +3 components is February 20. See the Ganymede wiki page ( for details. Please also ensure that you’ve updated the status of your bugs in Bugzilla. In particular, try to set the target milestone so that your consumers will know roughly when to expect their enhancement requests to be available.


As you are aware, I will be delivering a short talk entitled “What’s New in MDT?” at EclipseCon 2008. I’m planning to base most of the content of this talk on our plan for MDT 1.1, so if there is anything about your component that you would like me to highlight which isn’t on the plan, let me know!


Finally, as always, let me know if there anything I can do to make your life as an MDT developer easier.




Kenn Hussey
Program Manager, EA/Studio

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