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Re: [] IMM Proposal - Please Vote


-James Bruck

"Kenn Hussey" <Kenn.Hussey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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01/09/2008 03:03 PM

Please respond to
MDT developers <>

"MDT developers" <>
[] IMM Proposal - Please Vote

It's now been three weeks since the IMM component proposal (see was posted to the MDT newsgroup. Interest has been expressed by at least three different parties, and I (as the proposed component lead) am optimistic that a community can be established around this component. It's now time to vote on the proposal. Committers, please reply to this message chain with your vote; +1 is a vote in favor of creating the component, and -1 is a vote against. Voting will close after two weeks (or after a vote has been received from all committers), i.e. end of day on January 23.
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