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[] MDT Newsgroup Build Announcements (was Re: MDT Project Provisioned)

Regarding build announcements in newsgroups:

UML2 (now UML2 UML) will have to update its file so that announcements will go to the
new newsgroup.

For the projects that are currently in two places (EMFT and MDT)... like
EODM and OCL... I presume you'll want to do the same, so that your
announcements will be in the new newsgroup instead of the old. Please
update your properties file in CVS then extract it to the correct place on
the build server (eg., /home/www-data/build/emft/scripts/). Ping me if you
have problems or questions with doing so. Christian, since at the moment
all four of your projects share a properties file, you'll most likely want
to split ocl into its own since the other three (query, validation,
transaction) haven't moved and should therfore remain unchanged).

Finally, for XSD... I'm not sure what the gameplan is there. For the
moment, until XSD gets its own build, I guess we can continue to do
announcements in the newsgroup?

Oh, and just to throw in a 'what if' option... perhaps it would be
cleaner/better/more centralized to have all announcements going into
eclipse.modeling.mdt instead of the subprojects' newsgroups? That's
certainly doable too.


Nick Boldt :: Software Developer, IBM Toronto Lab
Eclipse Modeling Framework ::
905/413/4308 (t/l 969) :: codeslave@xxxxxxxxxx

             11/08/2006 08:37          MDT developers                      
             AM                        <>               
                                       Nick Boldt/Toronto/IBM@IBMCA        
                                       MDT Project Provisioned             


Initial provisioning of the MDT project is now (finally) complete! The
website is publicly available at (or

A newsgroup has been created for each (sub)component -
eclipse.modeling.mdt.eodm, eclipse.modeling.mdt.uml2.ocl,
eclipse.modeling.mdt.uml2.uml,, and
eclipse.modeling.mdt.xsd. As component owners, it will be your
responsibility to moderate these specific newsgroups. The legacy newsgroup has been locked down (redirecting users
to the new group) and the new eclipse.modeling.mdt.xsd newsgroup has been
made read-only (redirecting users to the old group, at least for now).
Christian and Gordon, in case you haven't already, please make an
announcement on the EMFT newsgroup to redirect your clients to the new

Bugzilla inbox accounts have also been set up for each (sub)component -
mdt-releng-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx, mdt-website-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx,
mdt-eodm-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx, mdt-uml2-ocl-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx,
mdt-uml2-uml-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx, mdt-uml2-tools-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx, and
mdt-xsd-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx. Please edit your Bugzilla preferences so that
you are watching the appropriate account(s).

Note that Nick has been kind enough to set up Wikis for each (sub)component
- please start evolving these to provide appropriate documentation, FAQs,
etc. to your user communities. As always, if you have any questions, let us


Kenn Hussey

Senior Software Developer
Rational Software, IBM Software Group

770 Palladium Drive
Kanata, Ontario, K2V 1C8

T: (613) 599-3980  F: (613) 599-3912

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