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[] MDT on the Web


The initial Website for MDT is ready to go - you can access it at I won't give the Foundation the go-ahead until each component owner has confirmed with me that he's satisfied with what's there. Please spend some time looking at it, and let me know if you have any issues or concerns with it, preferrrably by the end of this week. Once we're all happy, I'll let the Foundation know, and the site will be made "live" (i.e. links will be made to it from more publicly visible pages). We'll also deprecate the legacy newsgroups at that time and start using eclipse.modeling.mdt (I'll post an announcement).

The CVS location for the files that appear on the Web is You'll see that there is a folder there for each (sub)component (eodm, uml2-ocl, uml2-tools, uml2-uml, xsd). As a component owner, you will be responsible for maintaining the files (e.g. overview, documentation, faq, news) for your respective component. Of particular note are the files located in the project-info folder for each component - these files control what gets displayed for your component on the main page, so please update them if you'd like to change what's currently there. Also, you can start migrating Web content from the previous location of your project/component (if applicable); please try to follow the existing uniform structure of other (sub)components (e.g. see the uml2-uml subcomponent).

The draft MDT 1.0 plan has also been posted - it can be accessed via the link on the main MDT page. Note that our first milestone build, M3, is currently scheduled for November 16. I'm not sure how realistic this is, but it's worth try. Nick will be working very hard over the next few weeks getting the build infrastructure for the MDT components in place. I believe the plan is to get everything working on a sandbox machine, at which time we will move the source code for our various components from their original CVS locations (if applicable) to the new locations under

I have also signed MDT up with Europa - see Note that, as a whole, the MDT project will have milestone offset of +2 due to its dependencies on EMF and GMF. Please become familiar with the requirements for partcipating in this coordinated release. As a component owner, it will be your responsibility to ensure that these requirements are met for your component. I'll try my best to keep you honest. ;)

Finally, if you have any concerns with any of the above, please feel free to let me/us know!


Kenn Hussey

Senior Software Developer
Rational Software, IBM Software Group

770 Palladium Drive
Kanata, Ontario, K2V 1C8

T: (613) 599-3980  F: (613) 599-3912

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