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Re: [] New Committers for UML2 OCL

Chris: +1
Vishy: +1


Guo Tong (Gordon) Xie (谢国彤)
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Christian Damus <cdamus@xxxxxxxxxx>
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2006-10-27 20:51

Please respond to
MDT developers <>

[] New Committers for UML2 OCL

Hi, all,

I would like to nominate two new committers for UML2 OCL:  Chris McGee and Vishy Ramaswamy.

Both Chris and Vishy were committers on the OCL component when it was a subcomponent of EMFT, and their participation in this capacity is important to the continuing development of the OCL parser/interpreter.

So, I'll start with:

 Chris:  +1

 Vishy:  +1



Christian W. Damus
Component Lead, MDT UML2 OCL
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