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[] About StateInvariant implementation



I’m currently working on Sequence Diagrams and StateMachine Diagrams.

We want to allow to reference a StateMachine’s State into a Sequence Diagram as a StateInvariant that covers a Lifeline.


According to the UML snippet below:

(describing relations between State, StateInvariant and Constraint)


As we can see we can use the Constraint object as a link between both world (Interaction and StateMachine).


Unfortunately the uml2 implementation is done exactly at the inverse I would have expected.


The State’s stateInvariant property has a containment set to false with a cardinality of 0..1

The StateInvariant’s invariant property has a containment set to true with a cardinality of 1


By default the  StateInvariant will own an automatically built Constraint.

Whereas the State can have 1 or zero reference of Constraint.


What can I do to share a State stateInvariant on several Lifeline using several StateInvariant invariant ? IMHO the constraint should be owned by the State itself and reuse on any Lifeline by wrapping it with a StateInvariant.


If the containment properties are reversed, I will be able to attach a Constraint to my State and to reference it from several StateInvariant


Is-it a weakness into the implementation ? otherwise how can I link these items simply (without having to use free text)

(I’m using a Luna M6 derived version)


Thank you in advance for your help



Sébastien BORDES

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