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[] Profile Versions


I'm trying to get Profiles to load correctly in OCL and have been somewhat surprised by the non-OMG extensions in an MDT/UML2 Profile to support Profile versions.

When generating an Ecore model, it may be helpful to have selectable Ecore sub-profiles available in the overall profile, however for UML tools these sub-profiles do not properly exist; there is just the one outer UML profile definition.

The presence of six sub-profiles in Ecore.profile.uml and three in my toy example suggests that this approach is not scalable. Surely profile versions are the responsibility of the MOF Lifecycle specification and/or a CM tool rather than embedded multi-content in a different language? Why does a UML loading tool have to read every obsolete sub-profile? Why is 'version control' available for Profiles but not for Imports?

For OCL purposes, it seems that the Ecore sub-profiles can be completely ignored, which rather undermines the disciplined version setting imposed by Papyrus.


        Ed Willink

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