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[] subsets support


I'm investigating how the Interactive OCL Console in the MDT/OCL project might support evaluation of an OCL query involving a UML {subsets} property.

The news://$g9a$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx thread suggests that DerivedSubsetEObjectEList is available but not used.

Searching ecore and uml codegen for 'subsets' suggests that codegen support for subsets is limited to provision of an EAnnotation, although a ..._ESUBSETS feature may be created seemingly without any associated usage.

What is the intended {subsets} support?

There are multiple alternative implementation approaches for {subsets}:
a) implement the {subset} from the superset - space efficient, access inefficient b) implement the superset from the {subset}s - space inefficient, access efficient

should the user have a convert/codegen option?


        Ed Willink

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