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[mdt-sbvr.dev] Updated tools metamodel

I committed an updated version of the SBVR tools metamodel design into CVS
in org.eclipse.sbvr, but no generated code is committed. The CMOF model for
SBVR exchange document XMI format is also checked into org.eclipse.sbvr.xmi.
I updated wiki pages at:


I started creating test cases based on the SBVR specification section 13
examples.  These are to test creation using the tools metamodel, and
transformation to/from the exchange document metamodel.  A more meaningful
example such as EU-Rent would be better, but these small examples are easy
to compare with the specification XMI format.  I've written a quick
proof-of-concept transformation from .sbvr files to .xmi files using Java
and the Ecore switch utilities.  If someone wanted to investigate use of
Eclipse M2M transformation languages, that would be very welcome.

My partial test cases are attached to this message, created as .sbvr file
and then transformed to the .xmi file.

  Dave Carlson

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