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Re: [] Moving to GMF Runtime 1.14 and Batik 1.14 for 2022-03?


Le 02/02/2022 à 15:34, Pierre-Charles David a écrit :
Le 02/02/2022 à 14:55, DEVILLE Pauline a écrit :
Hi Pierre-Charles,

Hi Pauline,

We should be ok to publish papyrus M2, pending the new GMF-runtime release. Do not hesitate to deactivate Papyrus from the Simrel and handle your own contributions and we will get back on after you.

I've merged which includes all the patches I hade in separate commits. This disables Papyrus for the moment.

The GMF Runtime version to use is at

It is still an RC and not the final release. There are no other changes planned, but I'd rather wait a little and only promote the final release for M3 to avoid multiplying versions if something else comes up and other changes are needed.

The final location for the GMF Runtime 1.14.1 release is:

It's the exact same code as the previously mentioned milestone.

I've updated the SimRel repo (and the Sirius target platform definitions) to point to that.

On the Sirius side, I've also merged Vincent's patch ( after a few minor tweaks to match our CheckStyle settings. Sirius 7.0.0rc1 available at includes it and baring some last-minute changes will be promoted as the 7.0.0 release and contributed to the SimRel.


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