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[] Papyrus 5.2 is available

Hi ,

Papyrus 5.2 is available:

- This version is not in the release train of eclipse, but we work to be back for version 2021.12 . You can download the version 5.2 on the following page:

- This version contains improvements to customize Papyrus:


A dedicated compiler and a papyrus project nature allows:

·         Validate plugins containing profiles

·         Validate plugins containing architecture framework

·         Validate plugins containing element Type files

·         Validate plugins containing newchild model (newchild menu of the model explorer).

·         This tool allows you to modify all these artifacts incrementally

The use of the compiler is documented.

Papyrus also contains documentation on use cases to implement Type elements.

Memory leaks have also been corrected.

We will also be posting in the coming days on our YouTube page our live ( presenting the improvements mentioned.


Best regards

Papyrus team




Patrick Tessier

Member of System Requirements and Compliance Team

Technical lead of Papyrus


01 69 08 48 63



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