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[] Papyrus 5.0 is available

Hi ,
Papyrus 5.0 is available:


·         It is now possible to associate model explorer customizations to the architecture framework.

·         Papyrus now requires Java 11 to run along with the 2020-12 eclipse releases and has trimmed down the number of re-exported bundles.

·         Note that most of the 'relatives': Sysml 1.4, 1.6, Moka, designer... have also been made compatible with the new re-exports and the Java 11 migration.

·         To see the list of closed bugs, you can go to this page:


·         You can download the new release from the Download page to install it from an update site or a zip archive:

·         The associated RCP is available from the RCP download page as well:


Best regards
Papyrus team



Patrick Tessier

Member of System Requirements and Compliance Team

Technical lead of Papyrus


01 69 08 48 63



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