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[] Moving old releases to the archive server

Hello everyone,


I did some cleaning on the mirrored server [1] and removed some of the released material to transfer it to the archive server [2].

This will free some space on the server itself and the mirrors and you should still be able to retrieve any released material you want from there [2].


To summarize the changes:

-          Moved the releases published before oxygen (3.0.0)

-          Moved the zip releases published before oxygen (3.0.0)

-          Moved the milestones published before 2019-09 (4.5.0)

-          Moved the RCPs published before 2019-09 (4.5.0)


The released material published during the Oxygen days (3.0.0 until 4.0.0) is still there to accommodate any remaining dependencies on it but should also be (re)moved later during 2020.


Cheers and have a nice holiday!





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