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[] Papyrus 4.4 is available

Hi ,
A new version of papyrus 4.4 is available:
SysML1.6 ( a mail will send to access the market place is available)
	. SysML 1.6 make profile
	. The SysML requirement diagram shall be implemented
	. The SysML Parametric diagram shall be implemented
	. The SysML BDD shall be implemented
	. The SysML IBD shall be implemented
	. The SysML requirement table shall be implemented
	. The SysML Graphical element type shall be implemented
	. The SysML AF shall be implemented
	. The SysML allocation Matrix shall be implemented
	. The elementype of SysML 1.6 shall be implemented
	. Make SysML 1.6 open source
	. The SysML model explorer customization shall be implemented
	. Add written OCL constraints
	. Implement E3 of SysML 1.6
	. Update SysML 1.6 diagram of profile
	. Add Icon for conjugated Interface block
	. Add compartment of Conjugated Interfaceblock inside BDD
	. The SysML Junit Test shall be implemented
	. Papyrus shall support the migration from SysML 1.4 to 1.6
Papyrus toolsmith
	. validation of plugins:
		o you have done your profile to customize papyrus, but you forget extension point, build.xml, dependencies. We have done a work not only to validate profile but the plugin that contains the profile
		o the work has also be done for plugins that contain elementTypes model.
Improve developer experience to use plugin org.eclipse.papyrus.infra.core.sasheditor
	. Decrease the usage of internal eclipse code
		o Papyrus has developed at the beginning a new kind of editor compnoent sasheditor. To be more stable, we have ask to open api to eclipse in order to improve integration to eclipse.
	. Dedicated API have been created from use cases in order to help developer to access to this graphical composite; add a new editor inside papyrus, get active editor...
		o These usecases will be published inside a plugin developer doc :
	. It is will be like a javadoc that has a list of use cases and references API that implement these usecases.
	. Papyrus will provide a documentation generator targeting LibreOffice file (odt).
	. This generator will allow to the user to describe how to cross the UML model to create the document
	. This generator will allow to the user to define a document template to use for the generation
	. This generator will support image and table insertion.

Best regards
Papyrus team

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