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[] Doc template plugin

Hi team,

With the last server issues, we discovered that a rather big plugin is included  within the Papyrus feature (more precisely in the feature for documentation).
The plugin org.eclipse.papyrus.doctemplate.doc contains an .approj file, a template file to record videos with a base template, and the plugin size is over 35MB, and this size is even doubled with the source plugin! This file may not be included in the base download, perhaps only with the toolsmith feature or any other one, or even simply contain a link to the latest version on the git repo or download server. This would improve downloads of nightlies, and limit the failing updates of the dev env.

I would be very happy to contribute a patch on that issue if you want.


Remi Schnekenburger

Senior Software Architect / General Manager
EclipseSource France

Email: rschnekenburger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Phone: +33
1 85 41 08 65
Hangouts: rschnekenburger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

EclipseSource France SAS
7 rue de la Croix Martre
91120 Palaiseau

General Manager: Remi Schnekenburger
Registered Office: 7 rue de la Croix Martre, 91120 Palaiseau, France
Commercial Register 824 977 516  R.C.S. EVRY

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