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Re: [] About the generator of ctx files

Hi Sébastien,

This was initially added to "flatten" datatype properties in a Profile. So if you have a Stereotype with a property "Position [1..1]", typed with a DataType with 3 properties "x, y, z", this would display x, y and z as properties of the Stereotype (So the x; y; z properties would appear to be owned by the stereotype directly).

With the standard layout, you'd get a lower-level representation, where you need to open the properties view of the Datatype instance in order to access the x; y; z properties.

However, until Photon, Datatype management has never been reliable (e.g. because of Bug 529564), because it wasn't always possible to distinguish UML Datatype instances from external EMF Object instances; and this feature is (much) older than that. So it may or may not work as expected (I believe this properties view layout has only been used by the RobotML profile).


On Wed, May 2, 2018 at 2:01 PM, GERARD Sebastien <Sebastien.GERARD@xxxxxx> wrote:

Dear all,


Can someone answer following questions. When generating a ctx file from a profile file :

-          What is the interest to use the option “Generator for Profile with DataType” instead of “Standard layout generator”?




-          What are the difference between following options:












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