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[] Committer Election for Philip Langer on Eclipse Papyrus has started

A committer election for Philip Langer on project Eclipse Papyrus
(modeling.mdt.papyrus) was started by Sebastien Gerard with this criteria:

Philip is a software architect at the EclipseSource since 2014 and worked
on the development and application of modeling tools based on EMF
technologies, such as Papyrus, EMF Compare, EMF Forms, Xtext, etc.
He contributed to the Papyrus project as detailed below:
- Establishment and development of the Papyrus Compare component
- Development of Papyrus for Information Modeling
- Diff/Merge capabilities in Papyrus-RT
All recent contributions are listed in Gerrit:

Eclipse Papyrus project committers can click the election link below to vote.



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