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[] Overwrite custom UML profile


I have a UML file, myModel.uml. The model references a profile, myProfile.uml, in various places.

For example:

xsi:schemaLocation="http:///schemas/MyNamespace/_yEh3IAjnEei6dL15TtaBqw/30 ../ myProfileProject/myProfile.uml#_yEk6cAjnEei6dL15TtaBqw" >

<references xmi:type="ecore:EPackage" href="">
 I am writing a standalone Java application, so I load the model and the resources on my own. As you can see from the code snippets, the profile is referenced via relative path. As long as the user has his paths accordingly, everything works fine. However, for convenience I want to add a command line parameter to the standalone app where the user can specifiy the profile location.

How can I apply the profile to the loaded model, should the user specify a different location? I tried adding the profile from the custom path to the resource set, but the model still cannot resolve the profile, due to the relative paths hardcoded into the model.uml I suppose.

Kind regards,

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