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[] EMF validation improvement


In response to Ed Merks has made a minor rearrangement to Diagnostician so that it now invokes validate on each element returned by EcoreUtil.getAllContents rather than relying on doValidateContents to traverse the containment hierarchy, and possibly run out of stack.

The change is eminently sensible but may break applications that have a non-standard model element traversal. i.e. Papyrus where the traversal may be non-standard

a) to integrate the non-child stereotype applications with respect to their stereotyped elements

b) UML-blind OCL validation as an augment to the OCL-blind UML validation

c) Additional EMFv functionalities

I recommend that the EMF Gerrit build be used and its suitability for Papyrus assessed. If necessary the old behaviour can be configured by a slight change to the Diagnostician initialization.


        Ed Willink

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