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Re: [] Risk of loosing a model when the richtext editor is used in Papyrus


If I remember correctly, EMF doesn't escape everything during save. I believe it escapes special XML characters (Like '<'), but not illegal characters (Since the default encoding in Papyrus is UTF-8, I wouldn't expect Unicode characters to be illegal, but I'm not familiar enough with the XML spec; so I can't tell whether these characters are actually illegal in XML, or if the parser fails to treat them as valid characters).


On Tue, Jan 2, 2018 at 2:57 PM, Christian W. Damus <give.a.damus@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi, Maurice,

Please raise a bug for this in bugzilla:  new Papyrus Oxygen bug.  It may be a bug in the Rich Text Editor or perhaps in EMF:  in any case the XMI/XML serialization should be escaping control characters in the XML (there is code in EMF that does this escaping; I have seen it and it is strange that it is not happening).

BTW, don’t forget that you can use Eclipse’s workspace history functionality to recover your data from events like this.  It is always there, whether your resources are in Git or not.

The execution of a command that dirties the model when selecting the documented element is a different bug.  Feel free to raise that in the Papyrus bugzilla, also.



On Jan 2, 2018, 06:21 -0500, THEOBALD Maurice (SAFRAN) <>, wrote:



Happy new year to all of you!


I’m on a MAC OSX platform and I noticed some problems when the Richtext editor is activated in the Documentation view.

  • The text is cut and paste from MS Word to the Documentation view :
    • When the model is saved the following exception is raised : java.lang.RuntimeException: An invalid XML character (Unicode: 0x16) was found in the element content:…
    • The <model>.uml file content is deleted => the size of the file is set to 0
    • The model is then lost, no way to recover the content. (Unless retrieving an earlier version from a source control like GIT or SVN)

This is a severe problem, I haven’t tried it on another platform.

The word text had bullets, bold texts, and hyperlinks.

The cut and paste worked well apparently, but the problem came afterward, when the model was saved.

This UseCase is not a marginal one.


To fix that issue, forbidden XML characters should be filtered during the Paste operation.


Another minor problem is that when one clicks on an object that have richtext documentation, and the Document View is open, the dirty flag of the model is set. It is as if the model had changed.


PS: Only the advanced rich text editor was enabled.








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